Monday, February 25, 2008

I would like to get off the merry-go-round now please

What a week.... Last Sunday Arwen went out of town on business for a few days. By the time he got back Wednesday night I was really looking forward to having another pair of hands to help with Roan. It's been tough with her being sick and not being in daycare.

30 minutes before I was supposed to leave for the airport Roan goes Exorcist on me and starts puking like crazy for about an hour straight. It was so sad, the poor thing. She kept looking at me with big eyes as if to ask, "Mommy, what's happening to me?" All of a sudden I had a mountain of putrid, disgusting, chunky laundry and a very sick kiddo on my hands.

I had to call Arwen and tell him I wouldn't be able to pick him up from the airport. He was less than enthused. The poor guy had come down with fever and chills while in Houston, his flight had been delayed 2 hours, and he was just barely hanging on throughout the trip home telling himself, Heather will be here soon. He ended up taking a shuttle and getting home after midnight, when he was supposed to have arrived by 9.

The next two days were a blur. Arwen spent them in bed - something I've rarely seen in the past 15 years - and I spent them changing Roan's constant blowout diapers, ala her new stomach bug. The two of them were a pair, let me tell you. A pair who couldn't come within 10 yards of each other for fear of cross contamination. I must've gone through a gallon of purell trying to keep his germs away from her, hers away from him and both away from me!

By Friday afternoon I was beginning to feel the onset of symptoms - whether Arwen's or Roan's I couldn't quite tell. I was just feeling run down and puny. Although after the week I'd had, it probably wouldn't have taken a microorganism to put me over the edge that way. I was filled with an impending sense of doom. Arwen was nowhere close to being well enough to look after Roan - he remained bedridden till Sunday - and I knew if I came down with what he had I'd have to fend for myself. I was most worried that with both of us sick with high fevers, she would inevitably get it. If it had laid Arwen low like that, I was worried it could mean a trip to the hospital for her.

So Friday night our friend Molly came over (the mom we nanny share with). She's a Physician's Assistant, and she brought her medical bag. She tested Arwen for flu and he came back positive for Influenza B. So she put us both on Tamiflu. I was starting to feel better by the next morning, and he has gradually seen improvement as well. Things were looking up.

By this morning Arwen was feeling so well he was at his desk working by 8:15. And by 8:30 he was back in bed, nauseous. I was sitting at the dining room table, logging on to say hello to my colleagues when I see him tear butt across the hallway, too little too late unfortunately. He had a massive spontaneous vomitaceous eruption that unfortunately rendered our bedroom, bathroom and the hallway contamination zones. He offered to clean up after himself, but come on. How heartless am I?

I am still working my way through the resulting mountain of laundry. We decided to do all the sheets, towels, pretty much everything in the house while we were at it. And I went ahead and vacuumed, mopped and generally sanitized the whole house. All of Roan's plastic toys have been washed. A load of stuffed animals is still waiting to go into the laundry. Needless to say I'm exhausted!

I've decided that life lately is like a riptide. It's only if you fight it that you drown. If I can just relax and take it as it comes, eventually I'll end up at the shore again. At least that's what I'm telling myself!

More pictures soon. I snapped a cute one of Roan and me today.

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