Wednesday, February 27, 2008

All better

Whew! Arwen is feeling better. I'm back at 100%. Roan's sniffley nose and diarreah seem to have cleared up. I've even managed to do some catch-up at work. I am so grateful for a little peace so far this week. The looks on our faces say it all.

Notice Roan is wearing her new purple fleece hoodie, courtesy of Lolli & G-Pop. She has decided she can't go anywhere without it. Whether she's inside, on the go, or going down for a nap she insists on wearing it! I've never seen her so insistent about anything.

Here's a snapshot from Monday's Operation Decontamination in which ALL plastic toys in this house were thoroughly washed. The stuffed animals, which I heartlessly subjected to the washing machine, are still air drying.

With all the time we've been spending recovering our health in bed, I've had a lot of time to knit. Here's Arwen in the first ever anything I have knit for him. It's an earflap hat, funky and washable, just like him. I also knit him up a striped hat (already completed) as well as a third hat still on the needles. Part of my hesitation in knitting him anything is that he tends to destroy, stain or lose things. Now that he has three heather-made hats, I won't be heartbroken if anything happens to one. Or two.

And here's me in my latest creation. Well actually draft 1 of the newsboy cap I finished like back in November. But I made it too deep, which gave it a rasta look I'm just not cool enough to pull off. It was such a pain to make I couldn't stomach frogging it and fixing it until I was stuck in bed for days on end, unable to get to the yarn store to buy new yarn for a new project. I'm glad I picked this one back up. I'm happy with how it turned out. And it matches the stripey scarf you can barely see in the picture. Now all I need to make are some fingerless gloves to match...


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the hat! It, like its creator, is just darling. Sorry for the illnesses but glad they are gone or going away. Life can be a festival or a farce, and sometimes a bit of both. Your outlook is stellar and makes all worth while.
Love GGD

Heather Marie said...

Thanks grandma! Very sweet of you to say so. xox