Monday, November 19, 2007

We've been so busy this week having lots of fun. Last Wednesday we went to a reading given by our friend Nick Arvin, who is an accomplished author. I say "we" but actually I went (along with Jen and Micah) while Arwen stayed home with Roan. It was too bad because the after party was at a fancy restaurant, and we had a great time. We had thought Roan would be able to go for a little while until she got tired, but it turned out that night she decided she wanted to go to bed early. Cest la vie.

Then this past weekend we went up to Breckenride to see our friends Jay and Clover. They always do a pre-Thanksgiving dinner at their house because they usually travel over the holiday. All I can say is what could be better than TWO Thanksgivings in one week?! Yum!

Jen's friends Jan Mendelt and Christina are visiting this week from Cincinnati. They're a lot of fun, and there's a festive air in the house.

Arwen's mom and stepdad will be coming in on Thursday afternoon for a holiday visit. We're looking forward to seeing them!

This week I've been trying to get ahead on my holiday To Do list. Christmas cards will be ready to go out after Turkey Day, and I whipped up a quick Christmas stocking for Roan. Arwen tried to tell me that I really did not need to make her one, but I just couldn't see how. Since Arwen has a stocking his mom made him, and I have one my mom made me, there was just no way around it. Especially since I had scraps of red fleece from Jen's Halloween costume and flannel from the ill-fated diapers lying around. Today we did all the shopping for the big Thanksgiving meal, including a run to the local wine shop for some special wines and beers. We're ready for the holiday fun to start!

In Roan news, she has been a very busy gal lately. She is making tracks with her push toy, cruising across the room endlessly. When she gets stuck on the other side of the room she just rams whatever's in front of her and cries in frustration until someone comes over and turns her and the toy around. Then she's happily on her way again. She can keep herself entertained for ages with that thing! (Check out the video below)

I think I mentioned (?) she has a new tooth coming in up top. It is sooo cute! Although it has been causing her a little discomfort lately. Nothing a little ice can't fix though. She is starting to branch out into some other foods. She tried peas this evening. Not in pureed form, but actual steamed peas. Not only did she think they tasted bad, she also thought they stunk and they made her gag. Other than that they were great. She did rather enjoy picking them up and putting them in her mouth, she just didn't like actually eating them.

I've decided I'm ready to start introducing some formula. Up to this point Roan has gotten 100% of her milk from me. I'm really glad that breastfeeding has worked out so well for us. I certainly enjoy the time being cuddled up with her. But the pumping is a drag, and it's been a source of constant stress worrying whether there's enough milk in the freezer for Roan when she's with the nanny. This weekend we had a little mishap with the milk where we misplaced two days' worth and it spoiled. And then this morning I got up early to pump and my efforts were foiled when I later opened the freezer and discovered the bag I had used had a hole in it. I got all bent out of shape about it, and that's when I decided it just isn't worth the stress. So I called and talked to our pediatrician's nurse and she gave me some pointers. Hopefully Roan will take to it.

I'm going to attepmt to end this post with a video of Roan with her push toy. Last time I tried to upload a video it didn't work, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

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