Wednesday, November 14, 2007

This is what happens when Daddy "babysits"

Last night I went to yoga and when I got home Arwen showed me some pics he took of Roan while I was out. I nearly died when I saw the one above! I have never seen such an amusingly devilish look on her face before. How did he get her to DO that? And in the one at right, it looks like she really is taking a swig.

The funny thing is we're so protective about what she eats and drinks. Not only would we never let her have beer because of the alcohol, but ohmygod it also has WHEAT. No! Not the deadly wheat! It's on the list of highly allergenic foods that are to be avoided until she's over a year old, along with peanuts and the always feared and dangerous MILK. Just imagine the havoc that could be wreaked with a simple PB&J on toast with a glass of cold milk.

Last night I dreamt that we were at a family get-together and as usual lots of people were fussing over Roan. Next thing I knew someone (Uncle Rick - which I must say is totally in character ;) was feeding her chocolate chip cookies as fast as she could gobble them down. In my dream, my sense of outrage was so tremendous that I was instantly transformed from the sweet, polite woman I normally am to a raving, rabid Momzilla. The next thing I knew I was shouting and swearing at him about OHMYGOD THE SUGAR and SHE CAN'T HAVE WHEAT and DON'T YOU KNOW CHOCOLATE HAS CAFFEINE?!?! In my dream it was as though I believed Roan to have been inadvertently but permanently tainted through this careless act. As if I don't have enough legitimate things to worry about as a parent, my subconsious has to taunt me with this silly stuff in my off hours. Sheesh!


Anonymous said...

No doubt, you can sell those pics to a beer company for a comercial.How perfect is that one with her tiny tounge stuck out. She is such an expressive bebe. Loved them. love ggd

Stu said...

start em young! the only dissappointment is that its not homebrew but.. COMMERCIAL! aught.
I thought arwen knew better.

The George Family said...

Please ignore my husband. He's obviously not a mom....I shudder to think what he'll be cramming down Xander Kai's throat soon...!