Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Recap of Lolli's visit & Halloween

Falling asleep in Grandma's armsWe've had a lot of fun since last week. My mom (aka Lolli) came in for a long weekend and we had lots of fun. There are so many cute pictures from the last week I had a hard time picking the best. You can go out to Flickr to see the rest.

This is us down on Tennyson Street for the vendor's Halloween fair. We ran into some friends who live around the corner from us.

Roan made friends with another little froggy.

Arwen and I actually went to a Halloween party. Can you guess what we are? I'll give you a hint: We're a popular band. Notice the black eyes... and then the letters on our shirts.

Jen and Micah's costumes need no explanation. They looked fantastic!

We took a short drive to Red Rocks and had a look around.

Roan was in an unbelievably good mood day after day. Gee I guess it just takes having a half dozen people giving her constant attention all the time...

We also made it out to Estes Park one afternoon. It was a perfect, beautiful day.

Roan dipped her toes in the chilly mountain stream that runs through Estes Park. She not only didn't cry; she seemed to enjoy it!

Now it's back to regular life with regular old Mom and Dad.

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Anonymous said...

That baby's a GENIUS (so says GPops) - we love the posting - you managed to recap everything! Miss you all. LolliPops