Wednesday, March 28, 2007

And the good news just keeps on coming

That is sarcasm my friends. In addition to the mystery leak under Jen's kitchen sink which is yet to be resolved, we learned today that the shower pan in her bathroom is leaking - badly. What should've taken up to 24 hours to see any evidence of leakage actually made itself known in under 10 minutes. That sucker is leaking like a sieve!

So now we're facing the prospect of having both her kitchen and her bathroom torn up, just days before Micah arrives with a 26 foot truck containing all their worldly posesssions, before Arwen's mom arrives for a weeklong stay, before Miss Roan decides to make her entrance into the world, and before my Mom arrives as well. Perfect timing really.

Oh well, life's an adventure right? Somehow things always seem to work out. And anyway Arwen's ordered me to bed and not to think about it. So off I go...

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