Friday, January 05, 2007

Guess What: We Live in Frigging Antarctica

When we first moved to Denver we were puzzled by how often people from back home in Texas would ask us "How cold is it there?" "Are you buried in snow yet?" and other such questions. We puzzled at what the heck they were talking about as we relished in the many bright sunny days and the cool crisp weather. We laughed to each other, "What do they think this is, Antarctica?!"

Oh the error of our ways.

Oh sure, the first few snows we got melted off the very next day in the beautiful Colorado sunshine. But things started to change around Thanksgiving. When we returned from our Turkey Day road trip to Houston, we arrived in Denver in the middle of a blizzard. Three weeks later we found ourselves in the midst of another blizzard - this one being the doozy that everyone heard about in the news. A week after that, you got it, another blizzard. And this morning, we woke up to another snowstorm, this time getting about 8 inches!

Everyone we know who lives here says "This never happens!" And from the City's response to cleaning up all the snow, you would really think they're right. Roads haven't been plowed, sidewalks are icy and dangerous, there's a run on milk and bread, and hungry cows are stranded all over the state. People around here are in complete denial of the severity of the situation. When we were looking for a place to live here, one of the things I considered a "must have" because of the snow was covered parking. But so many local Denverites assured us, oh no, it almost never snows here. So we didn't bother with the covered parking. And wouldn't you know it, this winter we find ourselves out there sweeping a foot of snow off the car every time we turn around.

Truth be told though, we love the snow. It is so much nicer than the frequent rain we got in Houston. It's nice the way it brings a hush over the city and slows life down. It makes the whole city look sparkly and magical. It's lots of fun to snowshoe in. Arwen especially loves the cold, and I think just as much he loves having an excuse to be a homebody.

But we couldn't help laughing today as we were running errands, scuttling around like penguins on an iceberg. Arwen just blurted out, "Oh my gawd, we DO live in Antarctica!!"

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