Sunday, October 29, 2006

What's New - Week 19

Week 19This has been a nice weekend. We've gotten into a routine of going out to dinner on Friday nights, just the two of us. I think of it as "date night." This Friday Arwen wasn't in the mood for our usual spot, so we ventured into downtown and tried a new place called Mona's. It was a little swanky for our tastes, but had good food and good ambience - a nice treat.

Saturday we spent most of the day looking for a new car. Since we can't seem to find a house we like we decided to think about tackling the other major purchase we need to make. All the snowfall we've had this October has motivated us to stop putting off getting a 4wd vehicle. Arwen's anxious to get some use out of his snowboard pass, and I'm adamant that we're not driving up snowy mountain roads without 4wd.

We started out looking at Subarus. Judging by the number of Subarus you see on the roads here, one would think that it's a requirement to own one when you become a resident of Colorado. We were most interested in the Forester - their mini SUV model. Just to make sure to cover all our bases though we decided to take a look at some other comparable 4wd small SUV type vehicles. Long story short we ended up at the Honda dealership and the Forester went out the window after we sat in the new CR-V. We're hoping to get one in time to drive it down to Houston at Thanksgiving.

Saturday night we went to a pumpking carving party hosted by Molly & Scott, a couple we met through Amanda & Doug. We've gotten pretty used to walking into a roomful of people we don't know and chatting them up for 3 or 4 hours. We had a good time. We ate some yummy snacks - I brought these mini cheesecakes with mini reces cups in them - so dangerously good I only bake them every few years. Molly is expecting their first baby about a month before we're due, so it's nice to have someone to compare notes with.

Sunday we seem to have a standing breakfast date at the Berkeley Cafe just down the street from us. We like to walk down there, eat breakfast on the patio and stroll back home. It was clear and sunny today, perfect t-shirt weather. And then I guess we just putzed around the house and enjoyed the rest of our weekend. Aaah... the perfect weekend!


Xena said...

I suppose that walking places is a plus of living in a city, eh? We'd have to walk two miles to get anywhere and then there aren't sidewalks and drivers that drive all over the little country roads....

We'll have to look at the CR-V. Stu's got a Forrester and loves it....I'd like something a big bigger but not SUV-ish

Jough said...

Wow, you just said "SUV".


I'm in shock.

MadAussie said...

forrester is rated not to tip. crv rated to tip.. new crv is nice tho.. we need to ditch joys rodeo but its worth $10 so might as well keep it till it dies.