Tuesday, October 17, 2006


YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!! Oh it is soooooo beautiful. I just can't even tell you. And to think, yesterday the high was in the upper 70's!

We took Sasha for a little walk tonight and she just had a blast running around in circles, digging in the snow and acting like a puppy. Our park is so beautiful. All the trees are white, there's about 4 inches of fluffy, sparkly snow on the ground, and it generally looks like Christmas. In fact I found myself thinking "Wow, it looks like the North Pole display at the mall!" And to think, we *live* in this magical place!

Now the real question is... Will we still feel this way about the snow once April comes around?

Here are a few pictures of us playing in the snow tonight:


And here's the latest belly photo, as promised. That peanut is growing, I tell ya!!


MadAussie said...

bwahah snow! you keep it! its too cold :P

MadAussie said...

id like to add, that freak texan wearing shorts in the snow, its just not on! if he is not going to wear a peticoat with nothinth under it, well, shorts are not the next best thing....

say hi to d&m for us! glad to hear all is going well in colo. cold here in va but not that cold yet.

Xena said...

Woo hoo, hot mamma :) Nice belly!
Glad you're enjoying the snow...you can keep it all.

Hugs and kisses all around

Heather Marie said...

Yes I couldn't agree more about the "freak texan wearing shorts." I was waiting for someone to point that out!