Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Happy Halloween

A little belated, but here's our recap of Halloween. We had a ton of fun this Halloween. Lolli, G-Pop, Grandma and Grandpa were in town (for at least some of it). Arwen, Jen and Micah were out of town, then came back into town. People were coming and going, but suffice it to say we had lots of fun with everyone.

We had 3 different trick or treat outings. Roan (naturally) modified her costume slightly each time. At first she was a princess ballerina. Then she became a rainbow princess kitty. And finally she went as Rapunzel.

On our first outing the Saturday beforehand we headed down to Tennyson St and trick or treated from shop to shop. Roan and Camila...

Roan, Claire and Camila

Roan showcasing her spoils

Roan and McKinna. McKinna is Daphne from Scooby Doo. Love her costume!!!

Lydia, Pascale, Roan and McKinna

We stopped off at the playground before it was all over.

Maddox made it out with us on our second outing. He's a giraffe.

Here Maddox is a sad giraffe. And there's Roan in her rainbow princess kitty getup. I'm still not really clear on where the pink wings come into play.

And the here we are about to head out for nighttime trick or treating.

Here is a video just moments before we stepped out. That wig cracks me up.

Mama & Maddox

Rapunzel skipping down the lane. Literally the second we stepped out of the gate she said, "Daddy, my feet hurt. Can you carry me?"

Logan (Dash from the Incredibles) and Roan

It was such a perfect night. Cool but not cold. Clear. Fall leaves all around.

The Longs

And then after trick or treating, Logan got cozy with a book in Roan's dolly pack & play

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