Tuesday, April 13, 2010

happy 3rd birthday roan!

We were so fortunate to be able to share Roan's birthday with so many friends and family - both those that were with us in Denver as well as those with us in spirit. To everyone who sent or thought happy birthday wishes to Roan, thank you!

I can't believe my baby is THREE! I will tell ya, on April 1st I was looking at the clock all day thinking about what I was up to at that same time 3 years ago and I was awfully glad to be on this side of the timeline!

She had quite a birthday extravaganza weekend. On Friday, her actual birthday, they had a little party for her at school. I took off an hour or so, Aunt Jen and Baby Logan came along, and we brought some peep cupcakes.

They also had a little egg hunt on the playground outside.

Gramps & K flew in just for the occassion and made her birthday extra special!

That night when we got home she got to open a present for Baby Sarah's birthday. I know, what a coincidence that Baby Sarah was having a birthday too, huh?

The next day, Saturday, was her big party. We arranged for a bouncy castle, not knowing how HUGE it would be!

Roan couldn't wait to get her shoes off and get in there!

We were blessed with good weather, thankfully. You never know this time of year! We enjoyed some food and lots of good company as well as a few beers and juice boxes in the backyard.

And then it was time for the egg hunt!

And then it was time to sing happy birthday, blow out some candles and eat some bunny cupcakes. This year rather than make the bunnies myself (well actually Jen did most of the work last year!) I bought cheater bunnies.

And then it was back to the bouncy castle, where the little darlings bounced their hearts out.

And then we opened presents. Luckily Roan found some friends willing to help with this awesome task.

Her big present from us was a ride-on monster truck. It was supposed to be a classic retro tricycle, but basically when Arwen caught a look at this thing in the toy store he flipped for it.

Think she likes it?

Thanks to everyone who made this such a special day for her, and for us!

And now for a Logan sighting.

The next day we tried out Jack & Grill with Gramps & K.

And we took a walk to the park

And we chilled out on the couch

Later, Roan wanted to watch her new Snow White movie that Aunt Jen & Uncle Micah had gotten her. She explained, "I won't get scared because I'm 3 years old now." And she promised that during the scary parts, since she's such a big girl now, she would hold Gramps & K's hands to help them feel safe.

Here they've got both their grandbabies.

The next day Roan was so excited about the new swimsuit from Lolli & Gpop, she pretty much wouldn't take it off. I tried explaining that a bathing suit was not proper attire to wear to the doctor's office (for her annual checkup) but she would have none of it. She did agree that once we got there she would change into some normal street clothes. But once there, she renigged. At least she only wore it under her clothes. Until we got to Aunt Jen's. Then it was time to show it off.

Here's one more of Logan in his cute little monkey shirt.

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Leah said...

Loved, loved, loved it! Wish I'd been there. Love, Mama (Lolli)