Friday, January 29, 2010

missing you guys

Oh man, I have been missing the blog. I basically have been behind since early November. It's terrible. But it's just been a constant onslaught of deadlines. Two baby showers in November and two weeks out of town around Thanksgiving set me up to be horribly behind for Christmas. I still have a pile of photos I'm trying to get mailed out that were supposed to be Christmas presents. And I have had some serious work deadlines! For the last two weeks I've been working all day, then every night from 9-midnight. Then up again at 6. It's been rough! We had a major push scheduled on the same day as Jen's due date. Which, in case you didn't know, was this past Wednesday. It's just been all too much! And I have several baby cousin projects that have yet to be wrapped up. Maybe he's waiting to get here until I get caught up. For Jen's sake I better make it snappy!

I thought you might be interested to get an update. No baby yet. Jen's due date, as I mentioned, was this past Wednesday. Baby Cousin seems hell bent on keeping up the family tradition of showing up late to all important functions, including his very own Birth Day.

Jen is the picture of health. She seems like a real mama goddess these days, absolutely aglow. Don't get me wrong - she is ready to get the show on the road, but as always she has maintained her sense of style and personality. The nursery is all ready, and is just beautiful. All the things on Jen's to-do list have been checked off, and now she's just pacing the floor waiting for the big day. I will keep you updated!

In Vaughan family news, we have been scrambling to get preschool applications for next fall in by the January 29th deadline. We've had a dizzying tour of schoool after school this month. So many choices. The more schools we saw the more confused we became. Especially because each and every day she seems to get smarter and smarter. Honestly it's been freaking us out a little bit. She's started spelling words. It's her favorite passtime. I can put a scrambled bunch of letters in front of her and she can assemble them into a word. Or she'll pick a word and we'll go sound by sound to spell it out. Spelling words has surpassed her previous favorite passtime: singing songs. Last night she was telling me which of her friends have R's in their names and which ones don't. "Riley, and Piper and Audrey have Rs in their names like me. Ian doesn't have an R. Ian is I-A-N." Oh my goodness, I hope we can keep up.

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