Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Roan's eye view... and an exciting announcement!

Usually the subject of most photos in our house, Roan has decided to try out the other side of the camera and take some pictures herself. Here's a snapshot, if you will, of Roan's world.

I think she's got quite the photographer's eye.

As you can see, Baby Sarah is featured prominently. Baby Sarah has been growing up fast lately. Recently she's learned how to throw a ball. Roan will sit with her on the floor while "Baby Sarah" throws the ball over and over again. Each time Roan says, "Good job Baby Sarah! You did it! You big girl!"

Baby Sarah has also learned how to do somersaults. And bounce on a bouncy ball. And brush her teeth. Baby Sarah is still going in diapers, but now Roan has learned how to change them herself. They spend a lot of time snuggling together in Roan's rocking chair. And instead of putting her on the naughty step all the time, Roan lately has been lavishing praise and encouragement on her. I won't lie; it's pretty much the cutest thing ever.

It makes me think Roan is ready to be a big sister. I think she'd be a wonderful big sister. A bunch of kids in her class at daycare have had new siblings born in the last 3 months or so. Roan has taken note. More than once she has said things like, "Going to have a baby sister soon." And then she added onto that, "And a baby brother too!" I don't know whether any siblings are in the cards for her or not, but there's one thing I do know:


Yep, that's right. We have an exciting announcement! Jen and Micah are due with a little beanspout of their own on January 27, 2010! Yippie!!!! I can't wait to be an aunt!!! They refer to it as "the gummy bear," and here is its first photo:

And yes, the knitting has already begun. Baby's first sweater is almost ready to come off the needles! Photos of that to come soon.

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Anonymous said...

Roan has certainly acquired her Mama's photographic eye! Or at least a good start. I too am so ready for you to be an aunt! :) Love & kisses, Mama (Lolli)