Tuesday, June 23, 2009

happy father's day

First a note of (belated) happy father's day wishes to all the daddies we know out there, especially the ones that belong to us! You may enjoy this funny article about how Father's Day gets short shrift. Dads, we may not say it often enough because we're too stressed out, too exhausted or too busy but it's true: You matter to us. You matter to your kids. Your involvement, love, and especially your humor make a big difference in our families. So thanks for everything you do, and keep up the good work!

We had a nice day. We got things started with breakfast in bed for Daddy. Then we packed up in a hurry and ran out the door to drive up to beautiful Boulder for a gorgeous walk in the woods. We went with our friends Adam & Elisa and their little boy Ethan. We took Sasha along with us too. And the good weather I ordered came through.

Here we are about to hit the trail.

You may have heard her say "Look Adam, look!" a few times. It is possible she has developed her first crush on an older man!

Pausing for a break at a scenic overlook

Mama & Roan

Adam with Ethan. What a grin!

On our walk

The Maines family

Then after our hike we went to brunch buffet at Chautauqua park. It was super yummy, but I think we all ate too much! Baby Sarah came with us, and here is Roan toting her around in her baby backpack.

After brunch we hit the playground

Ethan snuggled up with his Mama

Arwen concluded his day with a little work on the wind turbine. It's really coming along! And then late Sunday night Jen got back from Spain. Yay!!! We missed her!

I've been a little behind on posting lately. I just haven't been inspired to sit in front of the computer after work. So now it's time to catch up on all the fun we've been having. Just a warning to those of you already fatigued by this point in the post: a seemingly endless onslaught of photos and videos is headed your way. Feel free to fast forward. This is for the grandmas (and grandpas!)

As you know, Roan earned her caterpiller sprinkler. The first time we attempted to give it a try, we were not met with success. It was just a little too windy that afternoon, so she wanted nothing to do with the water. Here she is posing as an unhappy swimsuit model.

Notice the shoes in the photo above. Here is another little fall from grace by yours truly. Though a firm believer in the importance of sensible shoes, I somehow let this child talk me out of the safe, sturdy water shoes I had picked up in favor of platform open toed hello kitty sandals. Well actually there wasn't much talking. She threw the other ones out of the cart. Twice. These are no doubt a serious tripping hazard, but I suppose she'll look great falling down.

One afternoon when on our way somewhere we heard Roan in the backseat shushing Baby Sarah. I thought it was cute, but it doesn't translate in the photo all that well. She kind of looks like she's picking her nose.

Here's some photographic evidence that my little angel isn't always an angel. Here she is throwing a little tantrum. In pigtails, a diaper and sporting a backpack it begged for a photo or two.

This video is either from shortly before or shortly after the temper tantrum. One minute you're down, the next you're up!

Here she is buck naked watching some good old fashioned television. We've started letting her pick out a movie along with her books each week at the library. And I've been letting her go in little or no clothes, weather permitting. It's been helping with the potty training.

Just hanging out

Here are a couple from a trip to the playground a week or two ago.

On the slide. We've been reading The Three Bears a lot lately. You may notice Roan say something along the lines of Goldilocks: "It's not too hot. It's just cold." (instead of "it's just right")

This is her very first time blowing bubbles on her own. Yeah!

And that's all for now!

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