Friday, June 19, 2009


A happy Father's Day blog entry is coming soon. In the meantime, here's one that's been sitting around unposted for some crazy reason.

It's weird. I've composed at least 3 blog entries in their entirety in my head but never managed to get 'em typed in. And by now I can't remember what I wanted to say.

I guess we have some good progress to report. Roan is back to her regular angel self at bedtime, thank goodness. Although our social lives are taking a hit. It's a real inconvenience to have to leave the bar early to get your toddler to bed.

I realized one of the problems was lack of white noise. We've taken the humidifier out of her room for the summer since we're not running the heater all the time. And we haven't put the portable AC unit in her room yet because it's been relatively cool so far. So I started taking my iPhone in her room at bedtime and playing the "Roan Sleepy" playlist I compiled from all the kiddie music CDs we have. Now when it comes time to sing songs at bedtime she's started requesting "One the phone, Mommy!" Yeah I never said I could sing, kid.

Let's see, what else. At the moment I am feeling a bit disorganized and perpetually behind. Here are my current waiting-to-be-finished projects: a hat and bootie set for a friend's baby, a not yet started pink sweater for friend's baby, short sleeved sweater for myself that I had planned to finish last fall, chocolate shrug for Jen that I have attempted and failed to knit 3 times so far, a book on healthy sustainable eating habits by Mark Bitman called Food Matters, putting trellis up in the garden for the peas to climb, finishing plans for the front yard landscaping, sanding, caulking and paiting the trim in the back hallway, a great little novel I just started last night called The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, getting back to running 3 times a week, the ab workout I swear to start every night and then conveniently forget about, organizing my closet, organizing Roan's closet, and figuring some method for organizing her ever-multiplying toys.

The other day I was really proud of myself and feeling like a top-notch mom because I managed to iron Roan's clothes, feed her a proper hot breakfast AND give her a bath all in the same day. I mean, ironing Roan's clothes? Seriously, that only happens maybe 3 or 4 times a YEAR including annual family portraits and holidays. And then I go over to my friend Liz's house who has 4 adorable kids (all 6 and under) and who manages to barbecue for the whole neighborhood every week. It's not that she makes it look easy. But she does make it look really fun.

Roan and I have been enjoying our Wednesdays off together a bunch. And although a substantial part of those days is always devoted to getting shopping and other household "to dos" done, we still manage to have fun. We always squeeze in a trip to the library, a trip to the park, and some other fun activity. And then all that hum drum day to day stuff we still try to make fun. She says something silly, or I do, we find a funny game to play or just cuddle up and read some books.

I'm hoping we can get some time in the pool in the near future. It's been so rainy in Denver it doesn't feel like summer's really started yet. Roan managed to fill up her chore chart just last night so she did finally earn her "Banzai Waterpillar" as promised. I'm sure we'll at least get a chance to bring that thing out this weekend.

Oh also I can't believe I forgot to post photos from Scarlett's birthday party. Roan had so much fun!

Scarlett on one of her bikes

Roan on Scarlett's hotwheel

Roan in the poncho I decorated

Scarlett's daddy with the Dora pinata

Roan, Scarlett & Camilla and their post-pinata booty

Camilla & Scarlett

Camilla & Roan

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