Friday, December 12, 2008

San Francisco

Here are some belated highlights from our trip to San Francisco the week before Thanksgiving.

This is in the airport just before we got on a purple airplane. She was very excited. She's into purple. (Not as much as pink though...)

Reading books with Feefa in the car.

Playing in the discovery room at the Academy of Sciences

Dinosaurs go "Roar!"

Dim Sum: Yum Yum!

Feefa and Roan in their hats

At the beach

Roan's first time to see the ocean

Writing her name in the sand

Fun at the farmer's market

A quiet spot in the garden at the Hunter's Point studios

At the playground

Playing at the Louise Bourgeois Crouching Spider sculpture on Pier 14

Napping on Daddy

At the Palace of Fine Arts

At the beach

First time for Dim Sum


We had a really nice visit. Thanks to Feefa and Charles for spending some quality time with us, and thanks to Jim and Mike for the wonderful accommodations. We all had so much fun!


Anonymous said...

Josefa, with balloons piled high on her head, reminds of Alberta with flowers, instead.

Roan, Arwen, and Heather, we grin and see, proclaiming like Roanie, "We need all three."

Thanks for this site.

Love, Uncle John and Aunt Marcy

Heather Marie said...

Thank you John for your impromptu poetry!