Monday, November 03, 2008

Twice as Nice

We had lots of fun this weekend with Grandma and Lolli when they came to visit. We didn't really "do" a whole lot in terms of grand trips to scenic places, but we still had lots of fun just hanging out together. There were many delicious (and naughty) meals, some walks to the park and around the neighborhood, and some marathon shopping trips. And lots and lots of laughing.

They arrived Friday morning and helped Jen and Micah get ready for their Halloween party. Jen and Micah had great costumes - she a "hoochie" witch and he a devil. Roan got to hang out for the first hour or so and snack herself silly on chips and queso. "Chip. With cheese. I want it!"

Jen looked awesome!

Arwen and I had rather understated costumes. He wore a t-shirt with an "E" on it. He was an "E" male. Get it? And I wore clips all over my shirt as the attachments that went with his "e male." [Groan] My costume quickly became The Lamest Costume in the History of Halloween because Arwen refused to wear his shirt. The ink we used was, apparrently, "too stinky." All night people were asking me "What are you supposed to be" and I had to launch in to "Well, my husband is supposed to be wearing a t-shirt..." Lame. Very lame.

Roan revelled in all the attention. She raked in a few goodies too, including the adorable striped leggings in this picture:

She had a blast at our grand shopping extravaganza at REI. She also managed to swipe a super cute Patagonia fleece jacket which she loves to wear all day and even sleep in.

This is at Confluence Park near REI.

The weather was beautiful this weekend. Much warmer than you'd expect for the end of October. Lovely sunny days and cool crisp evenings. We took a little stroll around Berkeley Park and checked out the geese.

Oh get a room you two!

We shared a lot of yummy meals together. And ice cream out. And a stop to the chocolate shop. Naughty, naughty. This is Roan drinking her "kid coffee" at breakfast.

Roan kept us pretty entertained all weekend. It is amazing what comes out of her mouth. It's also pretty remarkable what all those ears manage to pick up. One night at dinner we were talking about thoughts on a future Baby Long, and Jen said something to the effect of "I hope our kid gets Micah's SWEET ASS!" We all laughed and then gasped when we realized Roan had been in earshot. Sure enough she began saying "ass ass ass" over and over again. Jen was petrified. "Please don't tell Arwen it was me!" "Don't worry," I told her. In a day or two Roan will forget all about that word.

Well the next day at breakfast with The Moms Roan was busily coloring away on her kiddie menu. I think she might have been working on saying her ABC's. Or maybe she was busy misspelling her name out loud. I don't quite recall what prompted Mommy 2.0 to say jokingly and half under her breath, "Roan, can you tell us what A - S - S spells?" We didn't even think she was listening. Sure enough she started up again with "ass ass ass." We all looked at each other in disbelief, trying to hold back the laughter. What Roan said wasn't half as funny as
the look of horror on Mom's face!

More videos coming soon...

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