Thursday, October 02, 2008

Happy 18 Months!

Roan is 18 months today. Yay! She has changed so much over the last six months, it is incredible. She shows more and more personality every day. This is how I would describe my daughter:
  • loving
  • smart
  • curious
  • strong
  • friendly
  • happy
  • enthusiastic
  • beautiful
  • caring
  • strong willed
  • independent

Here are some things I enjoy watching her do:

  • draw and draw and draw in the bathtub with tub crayons
  • pull all of her blankets out of her drawer and put all her babies "night night"
  • hug and kiss her daddy, Aunt Jen and GaGa
  • hold hands with her friends
  • hide under a blanket or a towel, then reveal herself exlaiming proudly, "boo!"
  • share her toys unprompted with friends
  • climb on top of Arwen and say "hop pop!"
  • run to her teachers and friends at daycare and say casually "bye mommy!"
  • "help" mom and dad in the garden with her very own shovel
  • climb up to take a look out the front window and mumble endlessly to herself about what she sees
  • tell herself what sound like fantastically imagined stories late at night and first thing in the morning when she's alone in her crib
  • wander off confidently to explore a new place or new people
  • run to me, grab my legs and say "hold you MaMa!"
  • hear her say unpromted "love you Mama" and "love you Dawee"
  • swing in the hammock with me pointing out every plane and bird that flies overhead
  • run into our room each morning to say "morning Dawee!"

You can view more pictures by clicking here:


Anonymous said...

add Healthy to the list
xxx000 love to all GpopnLolli

Anonymous said...

I just can't believe how beautiful, smart and outgoing she is. Thanks again for keeping up with the site. It means so much to be able to share her with everyone. Love - Gramps