Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Home again home again

... jiggity jigg. I got a lot accomplished on my trip to Houston but boy oh boy is it nice to be back home in Denver. Especially since things have cooled off this week. Temperatures have been in the 80's mostly - beautiful and sunny. Tonight we even got a refreshing little rain shower to cool things down a little more.

Way better than the weather though is just being back with my sweeties. I missed them all so much! Predictably, Roan seems bigger. She seems skinnier too - I think she's growing. I don't have long to chat tonight - I want to get upstairs and snuggle a few minutes with Arwen. It's UFC Fight Night - yippie!

But I did want to at least say a quick hello. Today was Roan's last day with Lindsay, the best nanny the world has ever known. Roan doesn't know it yet but she about this time next week she will really be missing Lindsay. She snapped these pictures of Roan today in her high chair. Frozen fruit has been a staple at our house. Between her teething and the heat it's a big hit. Blueberries are her favorite. She calls them "boo boos."

More later... goodnight!

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