Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A little stolen time this morning

I was supposed to be getting on a conference call in 16 minutes (at 7 AM my time) but it's been pushed back an hour. Having to be at work by 7 AM is no problem for many of you out there, but for me it's waaaay too early. And were you fortunate enough to have a job situation where being at work means strolling down to the basement you would no doubt mock me for being a big slacking grumbler.

Of course gone are the good old days where I could just work from home in my bathrobe. (How I would have made it through pregnancy without that perk I don't know.) Now I actually have to get up early enough to make myself presentable enough to join the human race. This involves the usual things - shower, hair, makeup, and clothes - that are often eschewed by work-from-homers like myself. But with the two new guys we've hired in Denver, the basement is a hopping place lately. Plus we run a friggin daycare upstairs so the house has to be clean enough from yesterday's baby clutter, smeared food and dog hair for those same babies to crawl, run and walk all over the place and make those same messes all over again. Oh yeah and there's also the typical morning routine getting Roan ready to start the day - waking up, diapers, milk, food, dressing, etc. So mornings are a busy time for us, as they are no doubt in virtually every house on this planet.

In any case, since my meeting got pushed back I thought I'd make use of the time with a quick blog update. I also cleaned out the photos on my iPhone. They don't often make it up to the blog and there were some cute ones in there.

Here is Roan eating breakfast with "baby." She is really attached to this cabbage patch doll. "Baby" does everything Roan does - eats meals, goes in the bathtub, swims at the pool, gets wrapped up in blankets and cuddled, and sits on the potty. She can even pee if you squirt water in her mouth with the bottle she came with. Baby also comes in handy when Roan is having a temper tantrum over something silly or falls and gets an "owie." I can pick up Baby and console her when Roan won't let me give her a hug. That usually softens Roan up enough to let me give her some comfort too.

It's been so hot here lately that on Monday (my day off with Roan) we opted for an indoor air conditioned playground at the mall. It's pretty cute, a bunch of oversized breakfast foods made out of foam for kids to climb on. Here's Roan climbing up some banana slices into a bowl of shredded wheat with blueberries.

Here she is playing on the bacon and eggs. Notice the sausage links behind her.
And here she is climbing up and sliding down the bacon. Good times.

When I was going through the photos on my iPhone I realized that there were a couple of golden ones in there. It's been months since this happened, but it's still as funny as ever in my opinion.

TRUE STORY: Over at Jen and Micah's house they were in the process of swapping out the doorknob on the closet door. They had put on the new doorknob and realized it wouldn't work, so they took it off and left the door sans knob. The next day Jen was in the closet getting ready for work and somehow the door closed behind her. Wouldn't you know, she could not get the dang door open again. She tried everything she could with the tools at hand - a belt buckle, I think was the instrument of choice - but it wouldn't budge. Naturally she didn't have her cell phone on her, so there was no way to call for help.

She was sitting there trying to wrack her brain for a solution. Am I really going to have to miss a full day of work and sit here ALL DAY until Micah gets home?!? she wondered. Not content to sit around helplessly, she decided to take control of the situation. Here is a closeup of the result:

She kicked her way out of the closet! Quite impressive really. The hole was just barely big enough to squeeze through. All I can say is, don't back this girl into a corner; she'll come out swinging! Here is a wider angle so you can see it in the context of the room.

The best part was that she undressed before climbing through so she wouldn't get her work clothes smudged with drywall dust, only to find that she STILL couldn't get the door to open, even from the outside. So she had to climb back in for her clothes! And then of course later she had the fun of patching, sanding and painting that hole. It's amazing though. Homegirl can do some drywall, I tell you what. You'd never know that hole was there!

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