Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ducks are cool

So are geese. That's what Roan thinks. We went to the park today and she spotted a mallard and his lovely mate from across the way. She went chasing after them saying "duck duck quack" etc. And then she spotted some geese hanging out by the water. I had to go scoop her up before she jumped in.

It was hard to tear her away from all the excitement.

When we did finally go she kept saying "bye bye" and waving to the ducks and geese over and over.

So cute.

Here is a video of her with the geese. Apparrently geese say "quack" in her mind.

And here's one last picture, from first thing in the morning.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with Roan, ducks and geese are cool, and so is she--such a talented little girl, already sending Great Grandma a Mothers Day card!!! I greatly enjoyed the card and pictures, and hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day also, Heather. Lots of love to you all. GGC