Wednesday, April 02, 2008

It's official

Roan is now officially one year old, and we have officially survived our first year as parents! We had a nice day today. Well actually we worked all day and had to deal with all manner of perplexing software bugs and being hacked. But we had a nice night.

Jen and Micah came over and brought a beautiful gift for me in honor of having "squeezed that monster out of your poon," as Jen so eloquently put it. In all seriousness it is a gorgeous necklace, asymetrical with large assorted stones. I wonder sometimes how it is that I got the reputation for being the sweet one, when it seems she never leaves an occasion unmarked.

Tonight is Josefa's last night visiting with us. We went to a neighborhood restauarant for broasted chicken (it's an Iowa thing) and homestyle sides. Roan wished we had elected to stay home to celebrate, and vocalized her displeasure throughout the meal. But we got through it. Nothing like a tough meal out to eat with a toddler to make you feel like you're earning your stripes.

I uploaded a few more pictures from this past weekend including a visit to the contemporary arts museum. My camera is acting up right now, so I don't have anything more recent. For some reason the flash isn't working. I'll have to take it in and get it looked at. In any case, hope you enjoy these.

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Anonymous said...

Little Roan-a-roo has made the transition from baby to toddler with style and grace. How great to see grandpa walking and playing with her - what a joy! love, ggd