Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A few more photos

Here are some photos from being out and about over the weekend, plus the promised pic of the new sweater & hat set.

Here are Roan and Sasha out on a stroll on Sunday. It was sunny and in the 50's, so we walked over to Tennyson, picked up some pad thai and headed up to the park for a quickie picinic.

Here's Roan on the swings with her Daddy. She was rather nonplussed as you can see from the photo. Nonplussed was a big improvement over just plain grumpy after being sick and housebound for the last month, though. Getting out in the fresh air seemed to do her some good.

And here is the new sweater and hat set. I'm pleased with how it came out, considering I didn't use a pattern for the sweater. It took several re-dos but that's par for the course. She likes the pom poms on the hat - keeps trying to eat them! Now I'm working on a hat for Arwen in the same basic pattern, but a finer gauge yarn in autumn colors.

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