Thursday, September 13, 2007

Catching up

So *finally* here are some pics from Josefa's visit here a few weeks back and Arwen's birthday. Here's one of a happy baby with her Grandma Feefa in the same chair Grandma rocked her daddy in.

One thing we did while Josefa was here was go out to Georgetown, a cute historic town nearby, and ride the open car scenic railroad. It winds through the mountains and over a river with gorgeous views. Here they are looking out the window at the view on the train.

And here Roan is with her daddy on the train ride, all bundled up.
We've been feeding Roan some solid food for the last month or so. Mostly organic rice cereal. I made some applesauce for her with organic apples in the blender and so far she has hated it. Here she is with her first teething biscuit, which she absolutely loved.

It gave her a chance to actually hold on to the food herself. She always tries to grab the spoon out of my hand when I'm feeding her, and mean mommy that I am I won't let her have it, at least not when it's loaded with cereal.
She had a good ol' time with this biscuit though. There was dried on cookie mess all over her face, in her hair, crusted to her eye, caked to her feet, etc. We went straight to the bath afterwards.
Here's another one with Grandma Feefa in the chair, this one at mealtime.
While Josefa was here, Arwen's cousin Thomas, his wife Vanessa and their seven adorable kids came over and had dinner at our house one night. They just had baby #7 about 3 months before Roan was born.
Here are Thomas, Vanessa and their whole clan in our backyard. And here's Roan on cousin Nick's shoulders. With six brothers and sisters he's had a lot of practice.

Arwen had a birthday while Josefa was here. One of the things I got him was a book of 100 dayhikes in the Denver area. We've been here a whole year now and we've hardly done any nature stuff. So on his birthday he picked a hike in Evergreen, and even Sasha got to go.
Jen made the cutest bug-shaped cakes for Arwen's birthday. Everyone got to pick a cake (or two) and decorate it with colored icing, chocolate chips and sprinkles. Here he is with his dragonfly birthday cake - undecorated. Before I knew it, he'd decorated it and swallowed practically in one bite.

All in all, it was a good birthday and a great visit.


Anonymous said...

How delightful! A pic visit with all the can almost feel the love right over the net.

If you give her the cookie when she is in the tub she can eat & drink at the same time (kidding).

I think she can never get more beautiful then get a new pic and find out how wrong I can be.
Love to all

Heather Marie said...

Wow, you might really be on to something! Feeding her while *in* the tub, why didn't I think of that sooner?!

Anonymous said...

Finally!! Photos!! YEAH! The teething bisquit brings back many memories - you loved them! When she gets mobile and you think you had her mess contained - double check UNDER the table - shocking. Love Mom (Lollie)