Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tooth Number Two and a Trip to the Zoo

Yesterday I stuck my finger into Roan's mouth to check out how her tooth nub is coming along, and I couldn't believe it: I found another tooth coming in! It's right next to the first one. So when they come in all the way, she'll have two cute little teeth on the bottom. I tried to take a photo but this was the best I could do. You can sort of make out the first tooth just above my finger, but the new one is way too small to see.

We took a trip to the Denver Zoo on Sunday, a first for the whole family. We went with Jen and Micah as well as Micah's step sister Angela, her husband Matt, and their 2 year old daughter Morgan. It was a lot of fun. I love this photo because it looks like Aunt Jen is dangling Roan into the Polar Bear exhibit, but don't worry. She wasn't pulling a Michael Jackson.

Roan really seemed to enjoy herself. She was mostly oblivious to the animals, except for the fish exhibits and the Siberian Tiger, who paced back and forth in front of us for a while. More so than the animals, she loved all the people watching, especially Michah's neice Morgan. She is an adorable little girl, and incredibly well behaved for a two year old. We enjoyed hanging out with Angela and Matt too, who moved here not long ago and are building a house in the Denver metroplex.

The last few days Roan's really been going easy on us, and I've been enjoying it. She's been so happy, as you can see for yourself in this picture. We've had a number of outings - whether just running every day errands or fun stuff like hanging out at the zoo all day - and she's been amazingly easygoing. She just has a good time, whatever we happen to be doing. She was a little champ at the zoo. She nursed on the go, stayed awake for a long time enjoying herself, and then sacked out for a nap in the stroller without a fuss when she got tired.

Napping in particular has been going much better lately, although she only takes 2 or maybe 3 naps a day (as opposed to 6 or so naps when she was 2-3 months old). For almost a month she was having a lot of trouble going down, really fighting it. But she's regained her composure, and once again when I see she's getting sleepy I can swaddle her up, stick a paci in her mouth and lay her down, and she goes right on to sleep.

She's still having trouble sleeping through the night. She had been a great sleeper, but at 4 months she went through a growth spurt and for weeks afterward it seemed she just couldn't get enough food. More recently we've been able to go back to sleep just by giving her a pacifier when she wakes up in the night. But we're finding that with her new ability to roll over and wiggle all around, she tends to wake herself up every night and want to play for a while before going back to sleep. Last night she was awake for an hour and a half, and both Arwen and I got up multiple times to attempt to get her to fall back to sleep.

Anyway, that's the nuts and bolts of what's been going on lately. It somehow does not convey though what a little treasure she is. She is growing and changing so much, I am eating up this baby time, enjoying it before it's gone.


Gramps said...

If our precious little princess isn't the cutest girl ever, I don't know who it would be. Be carefull with those new chompers - lol - Gramps

Anonymous said...

Gramps said it - she is A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E. And what a joy to read your delight in your journey with our sweetie pie. Love & Kisses - Grandma Lolly.

The George Family said...

What an amazing smile!

Heather Marie said...

Roan says thanks for the compliments! I think she's determined to be a little charmer.

Anonymous said...

re:8/2 - tooth & zoo:
last picture, Roan on tummy with really big grin:
Heather, your mother used to smile like that. Granny said her smile went from ear to ear. Roan is just like her in the pic.