Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Clean bill of health

The checkup went as expected. Roan's not sick. And when we went to the doctor's office she wasn't even cranky. In fact she was in rare form, cooing and smiling at the nurses and doctor. She had them all charmed, and probably thinking I was making things up.

So we're not sure what's going on, but at least there's nothing medically wrong with her. I've just accepted that I can expect the unexpected for now. She may not eat when she normally eats, she may do things out of order, she may skip naps... but as long as she's not screaming bloody murder there's not much to worry about.

Yesterday overall she did pretty well except for one episode in the morning when she had trouble eating and did this alternating laughing and crying thing, ending up nestled on my chest whimpering before *finally* drifting off to sleep. She skipped all her afternoon naps and was up for 5 hours straight which is unprecedented. But she was in a good mood, at least until Arwen and I tried to slip off for a nice evening walk to the grocery store to pick up a few minor essentials. Jen called us shortly before we were going to make our way to the checkout line, saying Roan was unconsolable and to come home immediately.

I knew it had to be bad for Jen to call. She's handled plenty of crying fits in the past without a problem. I left Arwen to pay at the grocery store and headed home as quickly as I could walk. When I got to our block I could hear Roan screaming from 5 houses away. I broke out into an all-out run. I don't think I've ever heard her like that. Not even after she got her first vaccines - and that was pretty pitiful. She was crying so loud and seemed so distressed it was actually scary. Had we not been to the doctor's office a few hours beforehand I would've been a little freaked out. And she had apparently started screaming like that out of nowhere and nothing Jen tried consoled her.

She calmed down after I got her swaddled and snuggled up in front of the AC vent. Even after she drifted off to sleep, she continued to whimper piteously. But I guess she eventually found some peace. She slept through the night and woke up happy as a clam this morning. And so the adventure continues.
I am hoping things return to some semblance of normal here soon though because Arwen leaves tonight to go out of town on business till Friday night. Hopefully I won't have pulled out all my hair by the time he gets back. :)

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The George Family said...

I'm so glad Roan is not sick. Alexander has gotten himself off his schedule and is pretty miserable now, whenever he's awake. He's only poo-ing about every 3-4 days (when we stick a thermometer up his...well, you know...). Dr. doesn't seem concerned though.

Stu and I would love more than 2 hours of sleep a night, though...it does get better, right??