Monday, March 12, 2007

It's all good in the hood

Week 38Things are going great. The tenants moved out of our house last Thursday and ever since we've been making a full court press to get all the renovations done before Roan arrives. Jen and Mommy Too arrived on Friday and they worked like dogs all weekend to help us get a leg up. We are making lots of progress, but I can't help wonder how many days we have left to get it all wrapped up.

Jen is here for good, and I am so glad. Micah won't get here to stay till school lets out for summer. I hope they both love Denver as much as Arwen and I already do.

As far as how I'm feeling, I seem to have achieved a zen-like level of acceptance and patience with where I'm at. It's been really interesting how this pregnancy has moved along in stages, and the start of each stage is the hardest part. This last time I really wasn't sure I'd be able to find my equilibrium again, but it seems to have returned. It's funny too, because I'm more uncomfortable than ever. My hands and feet are swelling, my ribs are still sore, I wake up bigger and bigger every day, my back hurts all the time, I can only sleep sitting up, and there is so much pressure on my nether regions when I stand up and try to walk that the only way to propel myself forward is to get myself rocking side to side and get waddling.

But somehow I seem to be taking it all in stride. At least my emotions haven't been going wacky the past few days. Even all the renovations we have going on haven't rattled me. I am certainly hopeful we'll manage to wrap it up and get moved in before I actually go into labor. And I'm also hopeful that we don't wear ourselves out working late and then find ourselves going into labor being sleep deprived, achey and paint splattered. It's also possible that we might find ourselves going into the big event halfway moved in to the new place, without being unpacked and settled in.

But I just feel this sense of calm and well being, like everything is going to work out. We'll get finished at the new house whenever we do, and Roan will come whenever she's ready. And one way or another everything will be just fine. Maybe it's all the good vibes people from all over are sending our way. Or maybe it's the wonderful support I feel from my terrific husband and my sweet sister.

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Beryl and Jim said...

is that a baby in there? or your duplex???? wow, you are big!
C'mon Roan, let's get the show on the road!!
love, beryl and jim sending love!!