Saturday, February 10, 2007

So Cute It Hurts

It's waaaay past my bedtime, but I was on a mission tonight. I had lost steam on finishing up the apricot bonnet & booties set, so I cheated on my knitting with a new project: these cute little red mary janes. I just happened to have the perfect pearly vintage buttons to finish them off. In real life they're not quite the garish color you see here; they're some happy place between crimson and fire engine red. They came out so quick and so cute I'm tempted to make her a pair in every color of the rainbow.

Getting those done gave me the boost I needed to power through the bootie and bonnet set. It's a very traditional pattern, and its lacework makes it one of the most challenging I've tackled. I had envisioned putting her in this to take her home from the hospital, but I'm afraid it's a size too big for a newborn baby. Before I realized this problem, we found a cute little dress (with matching bloomers not pictured) to pair it with. It's trimmed in a similar apricot color. It'll be adorable on her at some point, even if it's not when we take her home from the hospital.

So this gets me halfway to my goal this weekend. Two projects down, two more to go. I have two cross stitched baby blankets that I made literally about 10 years ago. The cross stitching is all done, but they both need to be backed and trimmed and all finished up. I made a trip to the cloth store last night and made some great finds. I got some baby blue bridal satin to back and edge one of the blankets with. And I got some yellow and white striped seersucker for a ruffled border on the second one, to be backed with some fun, fuzzy yellow fleecy terrycloth craziness. Like I said before I am not the best seamstress. Sewing stresses me out a little, as opposed to knitting, which I find very relaxing. But it's exciting to finish up these old projects that have been hanging around for ages. And it's absolutely mind blowing to think that there is going to be a new person in our house drooling all over them soon.

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Anonymous said...

The bonnet set is stunning. I can't wait to see Roan in them. Love, Mommie Leah