Monday, February 12, 2007

Getting there

Well we're into week 34 now. Just six weeks or so to go! Roan seems to be growing faster all the time, and she is moving like crazy. I found out today she likes to dance to Keller Williams (such great taste in music, and at such a young age!) I wonder how I can go another six weeks without popping.

Sadly, I didn't manage to get that last blanket finished over the weekend yet. I got some work done on it, but I decided to get a few other more practical things out of the way instead. I put together a list of pediatrician interview questions, and I also compiled all the numerous handouts, brochures and hand-scribbled notes into a tabbed notebook. We have all kinds of handy information, but I figured if it's not organized we'll never find it when we need it.

Here's the farm scene blanket, as it currently stands:

Here's a detail:

I plan to embroider her name on it, back it with some soft yellow fabric, and attach this ruffle to the edge:

Hopefully I'll get it done here soon and will post the photos. Then the question is WHAT TO MAKE NEXT?!?!?!

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