Sunday, January 21, 2007

Weekend Roundup

Ah, what a nice weekend we've had. Friday night our friend Amanda invited us to go up to her mom's condo in Winter Park. Saturday Arwen snowboarded with her and some of her buds all day - "shredding the gnar" as the kids around here say - while I hung out with her mom Ruth and her mom's friend Judy. Ruth and Judy had planned a nice quiet weekend of knitting, reading and taking in the mountain views, which was just what the doctor ordered for me. It's kind of funny to hang out with people that are quite a bit older than yourself and think, "This is just my speed!" I even managed to squeeze in a much-overdue nap.

Arwen returned from a productive day on the slopes sore and exhausted. At my prodding we went down to enjoy the condo's hot tub and pool. Don't worry Dear Reader, I only dangled my legs in the hot tub. (Hot tubs are banned during pregnancy.) Mostly I swam in the heated pool. It was so nice. And yes, I found myself far more buoyant than normal.

It was my first time to go for a swim since getting pregnant, partly because I never managed to procure a proper maternity swimsuit for myself. We have a nice heated pool just down the street from us at our gym, but I've felt a little funny about baring the belly for all to see in my bikini. That swim was so nice though - and it's one of the few things on the approved list of physical activity - that I have resolved to put modesty aside and go for a dip regularly.

Let's see... what else. Oh yes, I finished a cute little hat & bootie set for my new friend Molly, who is due 5 weeks before me. And I started in on a blanket for Roan. You can't tell from the picture, but it's incredibly soft. I also have a hat going for Arwen, but since we're down to only 9 weeks left it's time to switch it into high gear on the knitting for baby.

I also baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies this afternoon, in an attempt to satisfy my neverending craving for chocolate. And then while Arwen put together Roan's car seat and looked over its instruction booklet, I dug all the baby boxes out of our closet to put into them the gifts we've received over the past month or so. And tonight I plan to tackle the Baby Book.

Oh... I forgot the most important thing about this weekend. It looks like we may be getting a house! I hate to get too far ahead of myself, but we put in an offer and the seller actually countered! We countered again and hope to end up somewhere in the middle. If we actually end up getting it, I'll post some pictures. It doesn't have the gingerbread charm I was hoping for. Far from it - it's a square, flat looking ranch style. But it is also a duplex on a good sized lot in a perfect location with ample parking and a sturdy foundation. We plan to live in the whole thing - 2 br/1 ba upstairs and the same thing down. It'll be handy to have 2 kitchens. My sister & Micah are moving out here soon, so it'll be nice to be able to give them a place to stay until they're ready to get their own place. And then someday when we're ready to move into that wonderful gingerbread, we'll have 2 more rental units.

The only bummer is that even if all goes as planned, we probably won't be able to move in until after the baby comes. We have to give the tenants 30 days to vacate, and then at that point we still have some renovations to do. But that's alright. It'll just be nice to have a home again.

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