Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Merry Christmas

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. We did! Josefa & Charles arrived in town Saturday evening, so Sunday (Christmas Eve) Charles & I went out early to do the Christmas dinner shopping and then that afternoon, Arwen, Josefa & I went out on The Epic Adventure to Find the Last Christmas Tree in Denver. I had no idea that every store in town would actually sell out of trees by Christmas Eve. It seems like in Houston there are always zillions of trees left over at the last minute. It was looking pretty discouraging, but we perservered and finally succeeded at good ol' Home Depot. We got out of there with a tree AND a stand for $16!

So we spent Christmas Eve drinking cocoa, stringing the tree with cranberries and popcorn, and listening to Christmas carols. Then Christmas day we opened presents, took a walk on the snowy streets of downtown, came home and ate a wonderful turkey dinner, a la Charles. We got a couple of cute things for Roan - a tiny dress with ladybugs on it, and a matching hat and coat (Arwen is wearing the hat). Oh and I forgot to mention the snowwoman Arwen and Josefa worked on together. She has a fully scuplted face, a full bosom, and flexing deltoids. I'll post a photo.

Babywise, things are going well. The peanut keeps growing - and of course so do I. We are in Week 27 now, officially the Third Trimester! As you can see from this week's belly photo, we have relocated her adorable rocking bassinette to our bedroom. This was a hand-me-down from my cousin Ashley, whose beautiful daughter Kayleigh is about 9 months old now. It rocks, vibrates, plays music and has a mobile. It even has a remote control! I think it will keep Roan very happy.

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