Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Family portraits

While we were in Houston we were lucky enough to get in front of Beryl's camera. We wanted to show off the peanut bump without going totally nude (not my thing). Actually at one point we tried to get Arwen to take his shirt off but he demurred saying, "I will have no part in pornography!" Not as the subject anyway, heh heh. Anyhoo, we are just thrilled with how they came out - there are some pretty good ones in there I think.

You can see the whole gallery online here: . Search for the event "arwen and heather" in November 2006 and then when prompted enter the event key "Roan". You should see a gallery of about 60 photos.

So what's new... I don't know. I keep thinking I don't have anything new and interesting to say. But here's what's on my mind lately. Every time I walk in front of a mirror and see the day's new crop of zits I think "aarrgggh." But very time I walk in front of a mirror and see the growing bump I smile and think "aw Roan, look how cute we're getting." (We're thinking of naming her Roan, for Roan Mountain in North Carolina.)

I've had a few good baby dreams lately. I dreamt we went to the Dr's office and they gave us permission to take the baby out and play with her for a few minutes before putting her back in utero. Kind of weird huh? But getting to see her sweet little face was wonderful. I also dreamt that we went to the hospital to deliver the baby early and realized we hadn't brought any of our stuff -- none of my personal items or baby clothes or the car seat. It was an "oh no we're not prepared" dream.

I regularly take a peek into our spare bedroom where all the baby stuff is stowed in bags and boxes. I marvel at the incredible generosity of our friends and family, and I daydream about getting to put this stuff to use. And I think about how much we need to find a friggin house already and what a bummer it is that there's nothing good currently on the market. It would be so nice to be able to put all of these sweet things away in a dresser and a closet and hang things on the wall.

Arwen's had some news recently: He decided to make a job change. He's leaving the company he's been with for 5 years and is going to work as an independent contractor primarily for my company. This will give him the flexibility to work from home and also the ability to work for other clients as well. I am really happy for him. This is a choice for quality of life. Since the day I first met him Arwen has worked harder than most anyone I know, and I don't expect that will change. But I'm thrilled he'll be able to work hard in an environment that lends itself to a better work/family balance.

Our little girl is making her presence known more regularly now. I would say that I feel her move every 3-4 hours or so. Not in an uncomfortable way, just in a "Hey Ma, what's kickin'" sort of way. And starting about a week ago about once or twice a day you can actually feel her kicking from the outside. Which is sooo cool to share with Arwen. I just wish had she starting doing this a week or two earlier for the Houston crowd.

So that's all for now. More soon. Hugs to everyone out there.


Xena said...

Hey Heather,

What beautiful pictures. I know you don't think you have much to say, but it's nice to hear updates anyway :)

I tried to get onto pictage but it won't find looks like a wedding site, too. Is that right?

Heather Marie said...

hints on finding us on pictage:
enter event "arwen and heather"
month "November"
year "2006"
event key "Roan" - it's case sensitive!

Anonymous said...

Wow - you look beautiful and Arwen looks so...grown up and fatherly. I just don't understand. You both have quite a range - my favorites are 25, 34, 37, 58 and 59.


Heather Marie said...

Thanks for the compliments Steffie!