Sunday, November 26, 2006

Guess What: It's a GIRL!!!

Week 23Whew, finally the secret is out. It was tough keeping it under wraps for the last week, but we wanted to be able to share the baby's sex with friends and family in person at our baby shower. My mom and sister threw us a wonderful party on Saturday. It was a packed house, and we had a blast. There was food, drink, games and lots of cute baby presents. One highlight was the blindfolded cloth diapering contest the boys were forced into. They were good sports, and the results were entertaining.

We got so many cute cute things from everyone. It's still hard to believe that in a few months we will have a new little person in our family to use all of this adorable stuff on! I can't tell you how much we appreciate all the thoughtful and generous gifts. But more than that we appreciate all the support everyone has offered, and they way you all have shared in our excitement.

Week 22Wow, what a week! Sorry there haven't been any updates but I've been having too much fun being on vacation with my family this week. We got into Houston Saturday afternoon and hung out with my mom and Stephen. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday we worked. Tuesday night my sister flew in from Miami and Wednesday she, my mom and I palled around all day getting ready for Thanksgiving and just having fun being together. We celebrated my mom's birthday at Chuy's, her favorite Tex-Mex restaurant, and I gave her the silk/alpaca shawl I'd been working on all month for her. Mmmm... Tex-Mex. I wish they had Chuy's in Denver!

Thursday was of course the big Thanksgiving celebration at my mom's house. We had an excellent turnout, and the food was fantastic. Mom's turkey, dressing and German chocolate pie never disappoint. It was great getting to see our big, wonderful family.

Friday we went over to Jim & Beryl's house and hung out. Beryl photographed us in a series of portraits featuring the bump. They came out great! I'll post a link to them soon. And then we stuffed ourselves on Tex-Mex at Teotihuacan (tay-o-TEE-wa-kan), our favorite restaurant in the Heights.

I'm not sure whether it's all the Tex-Mex we've been eating or the German chocolate pie or what, but the peanut seems to be on a growth spurt this week. I swear, every morning I wake up and seem bigger than the night before. There have been times when my skin feels stretched beyond capacity. And she's kicking more and more every day. Last night for the first time ever I could just barely feel her stirring around from the *outside* of my belly. I can't wait for Arwen to be able to feel her move.

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