Sunday, October 08, 2006

Week 16

Here's the latest photo. I must say, I am only posting these photos as a public service and an exercise in humility. Bare-bellied is by no means the most flattering pose for me these days. That's not to say I'm not feeling cute being preggo - I am! - but my big belly looks a lot cuter in a maternity shirt than exposed to the open air.

This week has been fairly eventful. We came about *this* close to putting in an offer on a 2 story home built in 1895 that had been converted to 4 apartment units. It was really tempting. We are big fans of the idea of having other people help pay off your mortgage investment. But the overwhelming prospect of potentially massive renovations finally outweighed the numerous possibilities we saw for the place.

Friday night we were just putzing around the house until I couldn't stand it anymore and prodded Arwen to go take a walk with me. We were so confused when we stepped onto the street and saw hundreds of people. We'd forgotten - yet again - that it was the First Friday of the month, when the art galleries all over the city keep their doors open till 10 pm, and people wander gallery to gallery and shop to shop, beer and wine in hand. We happened into the historic Oriental theater around the corner from our house where we found a dress rehearsal going on for an international professional belly dancing show. And let me tell you, these girls were TALENTED. Just ask Arwen. ;)

On top of that was some kind of annual pub crawl on bicycles going on. There were about 200 people in costume crammed into the bar next door to our house and spilling out into the parking lot outside, blitzed out of their minds. One lady was wearing a white petticoat/tutu contraption with NOTHING on underneath. Apparrently she won "Best Use of Ass" for the event. So I would have to say Friday night was an unexpectedly successful, if salacious evening!

Saturday we ran all kinds of errands, cleaned the house, and were generally productive. We rewarded ourselves with a "date night:" we went out to dinner at a wonderful restaurant we hadn't tried before and then followed that up by going to see a movie in an *actual movie theater*. Something we hadn't done in several months. Which for us - chronic movieholics - is an eternity. We saw The Departed with Jack Nicholson, Alec Baldwin, Mark Wahlberg, Matt Damon, and Lionardo DiCaprio. Usually it seems like the more stars a movie has, the more it sucks. But the online reviews praised it highly, so we gave it a shot and we weren't disappointed.

As if that isn't enough fun for one weekend, today we ventured out to Boulder for the Solar Home Tour. Arwen ate it up - He is so excited about the alternative energy thing. It makes me happy to see him happy. And it seems like the whole renewable energy thing is very do-able. Who knows, you may find solar panels on our house one day.


Grandma Carolyn said...

I'm really impressed with the difference that Peanut has made in your tummy size in just one week. I really got tickled at knowing that Peanut is the size of a gerbil. I kept track of your Dad's size also when I was carrying him. I didn't seem to feel as tired with him as you are feeling, but I did have that with Steven--just couldn't get enough sleep for awhile. Amazing the things the little darlings put your body through, isn't it. I love the orange hat set--it is so precious. Can't wait to see the frog set done. So you went to Babies R Us. Did you register for anything yet? I can imagine it would be crazy making with all the choices. Glad you guys had such a fun weekend! Did you know belly dancing originated as a way for the women to get their figures back after childbirth--for future reference just in case you aren't one of those women who go back to prebaby size wihout excercise. I had a neighbor like that--had six kids, a flat belly, and never did an excercise. I was so-o jealous. Did you know Uncle Steven sold solar for awhile? He really is a good salesman, but he has to really believe in the product and he felt the clients were being overcharged so he quit.
Keep on keeping us all posted. We all love you three so much.

Jough said...

so does Arwen read these dad parenting books you've got listed to the left? That's all I want to know.

Heather Marie said...

Jough asks, Heather answers...
You betcha! Not only does Arwen read those books (in fact he already finished one) he picked them out himself! Even the lady behind the counter was impressed. I have to say, I'm not surprised though. Don't you think he's a "plan for every contingency" kinda guy?!

Jough said...

I suppose he is a "plan for every contingency" kind of guy. Wow, the lady behind the counter is not the only one impressed!

AnJaka said...

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