Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Knitting as Therapy

Well this week hasn't exactly been the greatest ever for my family, but we keep on keepin' on. Thanks to everyone who has offered their sympathies. We are so lucky to be blessed with a close and loving family, and it's in the toughest times that we shine in our ability to come together for each other. For that I am incredibly grateful.

This past week I picked up the knitting needles after a long relocation-induced hiatus. There is a yarn boutique within walking distance of our house (dangerous!), and the ladies there are so nice and helpful. When I told them I was looking for a little something for our upcoming bundle of joy, they fussed over me until I found just the thing. An adorable pattern for some booties and some beautifully soft silk-alpaca yarn in a lovely pumpkin color.

With all the stress of this last week, I raced through those booties in no time. You can see my handiwork pictured here. The only thing they're missing is a pretty yellow ribbon tied into a bow on each one. It's funny but knitting seems to be the cure for whatever ails me - whether grief, anxiousness, impatience, or boredom - picking up those needles seems to soothe all my cares away. They take me to a quiet contemplative place where I can mull over what's bothering me without drowning in it. Knitting isn't as cheap as booze, but it comes without the hangover!

So since the booties knit up quickly, my next task is to create a hat to match. That has proven more perplexing. The pattern I originally selected is difficult to decipher and even tougher to knit. So I went on a quest for an alternative hat. After trying out a bunch of different options, I finally settled on something that is part pattern, part made up by moi. When I'm done it should look like an orange cap with a rim of triangles, sort of like a festive sunshine crown. Hopefully it will come out alright. Here's all I've got so far.

Now that my needles are back to clacking, I have so. many. plans. for cute stuff to knit. I thought it might be fun if I posted them in a poll. What do you think I should knit next? (Click on the pattern description to view the pattern. Click on a checkbox to select your answer. You can select more than one answer.)

What should I knit next?
Swirl hat
Tart hat
Bunny hat
Frog hat and booties
Jester hat
Duck hat and booties
Pixie hat
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