Saturday, September 02, 2006

8/29/2006 - Lots of lists

When you get pregnant, you find out about all kinds of things that you're suddenly not supposed to do while you're "in the family way." Some of them are obvious, like alcohol and drugs. Others seem arbitrary. See how many of these you knew about.

Alcohol, drugs and smoking are a no-noStuff I'm supposed to avoid:

  • alcohol, recreational drugs and smoking (oh darn)
  • asprin and ibuprofin (use tylenol instead)
  • soft cheeses (because of listeria)
  • unheated lunchmeat (also because of listeria)
  • cat poop (because of toxoplasmosis)
  • raw/undercooked meat or fish (no sushi or rare hamburger for me!)
  • fish potentially high in mercury or other toxins: tuna (canned or fresh), shark, swordfish, mackerel, tilefish (never heard of it), mahi mahi, grouper, or amberjack
  • alfalfa sprouts (because of bacteria)
  • unpasteurized milk products (ditto)
  • fresh squeezed - and therefore unpasteurized - fruit juices (double ditto)
  • fatty parts, dark meat or organs of poultry and meat (because fattier parts and organs have higher concentrations of toxins)
  • coffee and other caffeinated beverages (I switched to ginger tea)
  • sodas (drink water and juice instead)
  • peanuts and peanut products (may be linked to the development of allergies)
  • aspartame, saccharin
  • refined carbohydrates (eat complex carbs instead)
  • coming into contact with paint or other chemicals
  • sitting in hot tubs
  • snowboarding and skiing
  • riding bikes
  • rollerderby (ha ha)
  • climbing ladders
  • falling down

Juggling a healthy dietAnd then there's also a long list of things I'm supposed to remember to do all the time. Stuff like this:

  • drink lots and lots of water - 12 glasses or more a day
  • take a prenatal vitamin (mine is huge - *literally* as long as the first joint of my thumb!)
  • eat foods high in vitamin A, C, calcium and folic acid
  • eat organic when possible (no pesticides or hormones)
  • eat local when possible (more nutrients)
  • eat nuts and legumes
  • take in omega 3s
  • choose whole grains
  • eat a protein and a carbohydrate at every meal
  • get plenty of rest, nap when possible
  • walk every day, do yoga or get some other form of mild exercise

But the list I'm most interested in is the stuff I can't wait to do:

  • reach 12 weeks so we can share the good news with all our friends and family
  • actually look pregnant instead of chubby
  • make friends with other expectant moms
  • find a prenatal yoga class near me
  • feel the baby kick
  • get some cute pregnant clothes
  • knit some baby things
  • sew some baby things
  • find a house to live in!
  • decorate the baby's room
  • go to childbirth classes
  • ...

I'm not thinking too far beyond childbirth classes yet. Trying not to get too far ahead of myself!

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Grandma Carolyn said...

You have really done your research and are giving yourself and peanut the best possible care. I knew you would. Thank you for letting your Dad call and give me the news. It is so exciting, and it's great to be able to share in your experience. It seemed to come as a surprise to your Dad that I honored your request not to tell until you were ready, and let him have the honor. Do I have the rep of telling all? Dixie and I wouldn't even call each other because we knew if we talked we'd tell. So funny!!!