Tuesday, August 29, 2006

8/18/2006 - The experts weigh in

It's official: We're having a baby! Arwen and I went to the doctor today and everything looks good.

They had me pee in a cup and then ushered us into a counseling room. Then the nurse came in, handed us a pregancy information kit, and unceremoniously blurted out "Your due date is March 25th." Arwen looked stunned. "Wait a second, Does that mean we're actually pregnant?" The nurse looked askance at him. "Yeeess... we just ran a pregnancy test and it came back positive." I could see the wheels turning in Arwen's head. "Damn! Not a virus? And I was so sure!"

Then they brought us into the procedure room, where they did an ultrasound. You could see our little raspberry in there, and its heart was beating away! Everything looked normal and healthy, the doctor said. Arwen looked like he was about to faint. I seriously thought for a moment that he might throw up. I so wish we had a video camera in there with us. He had me cracking up. I'm not sure why it was such a big surprise to him, given those two positive pregnancy tests, but maybe he was suddendly confronted by the full force of the reality of the situation.

So they sent us home with the first ever pictures of our little bean and a sonogram report for our new doctor in Denver (which we of course have not yet found). The doctor urged us to find our new hospital and doctor as soon as possible - preferably within a week - so that should be interesting with everything else we have going on moving and getting settled.

I am so excited. It may not be the most convenient timing, but I really could care less. And once the initial shock wears off Arwen, he will throw himself into this completely like he does with everything he cares about. He will make a great dad! Already he has made a list of all the things he will take care of so that I don't have to, in order to protect the baby. No painting, moving boxes, or pumping gas for me. He is a good protector.

I am thrilled that we were able to get confirmation of this pregnancy and its viability in time for me to share the good news with (some of) our parents and my brother in person. That means a lot to me. And I even have cute little snapshots to show them! We decided that initially we will only tell parents and siblings. Once we reach 12 weeks we will share the news with work and the rest of our family and friends. The doctor said that at this point our chance of miscarriage is only 5% but still I think it pays to be cautious.

I already called my sister and told her. Right now, outside of us and our doctor she's the only other person who knows. It was so great to hear the excitement in her voice. This is a truly happy day.

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